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File an appeal or grievance (complaint)

If you have a complaint related to your Humana plan or any aspect of a member's care, we want to hear about it and see how we can help. Use this form to tell us what happened. Please provide as much information as you can so we can help resolve your issue.

You can use this form to:

  • File an appeal for a denied medical service, a medical device or a denied prescription medication.
  • Submit a grievance about your complaint and tell us how you are dissatisfied with your experience.

Important note: You can NOT use this form to submit a prior/preauthorization request. For more information on how to submit a request for a medication requiring a prior authorization, or a preauthorization for a medical service/procedure, visit (opens in new window).

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What is a medical service vs. medication?

A medical service can be care received from a provider, such as a doctor’s visit or a medical procedure.

It can also include:

  • Medical equipment, such as insulin pumps
  • Medications received while in the hospital
  • Injections received at the doctor’s office 

Medications are typically those received from a pharmacy after a doctor writes a prescription.

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Important note

If you are requesting coverage for continued or ongoing care, please select "No."

Member ID number

You can find your member ID number on your member ID card or on your claim denial letter.

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